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Re: [IP] Was Wondering Moods... Extra

In a message dated 1/26/99 6:53:28 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I can't contribute all of what I
 am experiencing to post baby blues, because it has been with me for so long.
 Really I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there on medication
 for these types of things, if they helped, how much they mess up your BG etc

Jen, I take Serzone for depression. I'd always been opposed to taking meds for
depression because I thought I should just be able to "snap out of it." After
all, it was only "all in my mind." I finally accepted that I needed meds when
my doc explained that my brain is deficient in a chemical and that chemical
needs to be supplemented -- just as my pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin
so I need to supplement that. It wasn't until then that I understood why I
might need to take a pill to relieve my depression. And I can tell when my
stress levels get too high -- I get depressed again until the additional
stress is alleviated.

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