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Re: [IP] foot problems

I had a planters wort. NOt something to mess with, it can go deep into the
foot, and even to the point of wrapping around the bone.  You don't want
to mess with freezing off the wart. That creates a bubble effect, and
makes it difficult to walk on let alon heal.  The best method is to have
it removed via laser. That creates a concave opening, and doesn't place
pressure on the foot, and it heals the best.  

I  went to a podiatrist. (sp) Again, I wouldn't have gone that route. I
would call the insurance company, and work it out the best you can. But
take that method.  Although she is young, and should heal well. You can
end up with scar tissue building up that can cause problems. 

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Christene Ullom

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