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[IP] Was Wondering Moods... Extra

I am not sure if I was very clear about my last post.  My husband likes to
look over my shoulder, so I cut it short.  Not that he doesn't know how I
feel, just get self conscious when there is someone watching what I write over
my shoulder.  I have had depression and mood swings since I was a kid!  I have
tried counseling, but like most everything else in my life I got frustrated
and stopped going.  I get so angry at the smallest things.  I have a hard time
controlling my emotions, and end up going berzerk.  I know that there are
hormonal problems after having a child, but I can't contribute all of what I
am experiencing to post baby blues, because it has been with me for so long.
Really I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there on medication
for these types of things, if they helped, how much they mess up your BG etc.
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