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[IP] Tingling & Numbness

     On Mon, 25 Jan 1999 "Kaliszewski, Kristine" <email @ redacted> wrote:
     > For a couple of weeks, after about a month of pumping, I got 
     > numbness and tingling in my feet and hands (like they were asleep).  
     > I've only had diabetes for 6 years and never have had a problem > 
     > before with neuropathy.  I haven't had a problem for almost a week 
     > now.  I always could still feel pricks and everything. 
     I don't know about your case but I have this many many times.  There 
     are times at work where I am sure that my hands and/or feet must be in 
     the office next door based on their 'feeling' (or lack of it).
     I don't really clearly remember when this started with me but I know 
     I've got lots of 'neropathy' type problems now that control is OK: I 
     think that it would be interesting to get some of the pumpers who have 
     been on for years from within a year of diagnosis and ask them about 
     I also have noticed that years of pumping makes one lose that sence of 
     'new' which we all once had.  Even a 'new' pump doesn't hold the same 
     excitement it once did.  I guess it's time for a 'real' cure finally.

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