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RE: [IP] Gotta Give a Talk!

Go Get 'em Steph..!!!!!! you'll do great......just be yourself.......
pulling for you!!!!!!!

 I know there have been several requests for info to share when giving talks,
but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice above and beyond what has already
been posted that would help prepare for a talk to a college class by a 9
year old?

Here's the scoop...My husband is a Prof. of Special Education at the
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and teaches folks who want to
become SPED teachers. One of the mandatory classes all students must take
deals with technological adaptations that can be used to help SPED students,
ranging from computerized communication boards to medical devices. My
husband's co-worker, who teaches this class, has asked Stephanie to come in
and talk to his class about insulin pumps and diabetes in general. Steph's
already decided to include demonstrations of glucose testing, effects of
candy on blood sugar (she says she'll test and eat, then re-test 1/2 hour
later), how to bolus, etc. she even wants to take a syringe and squirt
saline on the overhead projector screen so folks can see how little an
actual bolus might be...she wanted to make everyone take a saline injection
in their abdomens, but we decided to draw the line!). She'll also give
standard background info on diabetes and complications.

So now to the real question...is there anything folks think educators ought
to know, in general, beyond what she's already decided to include? Her talk
is Thurs. evening, the 29th, so let me know quickly if you think we've left
anything out!

Thanks, Y'all!

Betsy Sale, mom of Steph, the 9 yo pumper

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/