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Re: [IP] Gotta Give a Talk!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Here's the scoop...My husband is a Prof. of Special Education at the
> University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and teaches folks who want to
> become SPED teachers. One of the mandatory classes all students must take
> deals with technological adaptations that can be used to help SPED students,
> ranging from computerized communication boards to medical devices. 

My, how things have changed since I got my MA in Sp.Ed. in 1979!! We
were given no information at all on children with special medical needs,
because it was assumed that these kids weren't special ed. kids, and
that the nurse would take care of them. :)

> So now to the real question...is there anything folks think educators ought
> to know, in general, beyond what she's already decided to include? Her talk
> is Thurs. evening, the 29th, so let me know quickly if you think we've left
> anything out!

I think the VERY most important thing for ANY classroom teacher to know
is what does a hypo look like, and what to do if it appears that one is
about to happen.  A hypoglycemic child may just seem sullen and
uncooperative, or they may be bouncing off the walls, or they may just
cry. Or they may go into seizures.
Now what do you do??

Of course, this is NOT related to the pump per se, but  all teachers
need to know about it, and if the child is a pumper, what do you do with
the pump? The reason I say this is that a foolhardy teacher might just
rip the pump out, or try to manipulate the buttons. Panic is not a good

Good luck! 

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