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Re: [IP] Still High

At 07:53 AM 1/26/1999  Ginny Kloth wrote:
>We already changed the cartridge, the insulin, the area , and increased basal
>My hubby was wondering if the MiniMed delivered the insulin at a slower
>rate. I
>know when I use the D pump the boluseses get in quite fast..
>But mimimed seems to take forever.
>I think this MiniMed may go back and I will get an upgrade to the new
>Disetronic pump..this is tooo frustrating..I just do not understand.

I can't imagine the slower rate makes any difference... if you bolus 10
units, you should get 10 units, whether fast or slow. Since over 80 percent
of us pumpers in the US are using the MiniMed, obviously this pump is
capable of working just fine. Have you disconnected and bolused a unit or
two to make sure it is actually delivering (not just leaking out some other
place)? Have you called MiniMed? What type of sets are you using? 

We've have other people on this list who have switched between brands... I
don't recall reading any major problems reported by them. 


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