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Re: [IP] Still High

At 08:02 AM 1/26/1999  Ginny Kloth wrote:
>I will change the set up and insulin..I havbe already changed the basals UP by
>.5 on all basals. I thought I would be going low by doing that.
>I don't get it because I am checking every 4 hours and bolusing every 4 hours
>and instead of going down but instead by 4 PM they are up to 300..2 hours
>supper they are down to 250..I will get a new bottle of inuslin..(this will be
>hard on our finacnes this way as I only get so mcuh insulin per month (3
>bottles) on insuracne and we have to pay for it on our own so this cannot
>go on
>for long both for the $$ and for my health)
>I will insert a new set up and I will give it this afternoon...If nothing
>happens then I go back to my old pump..I don't feel goo with BGs this high.

Anxiety can cause your BGs to rise... I wonder if this can be a factor?
Also, once you are pretty high, it takes more insulin to bring it down
again... a certain insulin resistance develops. 


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