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[IP] Ultralente and H

Brian and Renee

on Pre pump days Lauren used U and H and is was a disaster.  We loved the
fact that she had some flexibility on the time that she could eat... but we
found that the U would peak on her which caused unexpected lows.  If she
exercised, the U would peak causing a low and then later, when there was
not U left in her system, she would go high.  Our vacation to the beach was
an absolute disaster with the sharpest roller coaster of all between 40 and
550 nearly every day!!  Some people say that U and H works well for them...
but not us.  I wondered whether it was Lauren's finacky body chemistry.

But Lauren has been relatively easy to control while on the pump with many
days being extremely smooth.  I must conclude that for some people, long
acting insulin does not always act predictably.  If your friend, Brian, has
probs let her know that it might be the insulin.  The level of problems
might depend on intensitiy of activity.

Diane Massey
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/