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Re: [IP] foot problems

Stephanie had plantar's warts (6!) several years ago. Her pediatrician tried
freezing them off (no luck) so he then recommended Mediplast by Cornina.
These are plaster patches which are similar to moleskin that you might use
for blister-prone areas. The package instructions say not to use if diabetic
(among other things) and to leave on for no more than 24 hours. Our
pediatrican said in this case it was safe to ignore those warnings, and to
cut small patches to cover each wart and leave on 3-4 days. They come with
adhesive on them, which we found stuck through baths, swimming, etc. When we
took the patches off, Steph's skin was really white, and it eventually
sloughed off in each of the treated spots, wart and all. Steph said it was a
lot less painful than freezing, it was also easier and less expensive. I
think the pads were about $3 at the drug store. Worked for us, but of
course, YMMV!

Betsy Sale
mom of Stephanie the 9 yo pumper

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