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[IP] Re: Ginny K

     Dear Ginny,
        Hang in there, hon! Do you have a pump nurse, trainer, or doctor 
     you can reach at any time? It sounds like any one of three things 
     may be happening: 
        1. you need different basal rates
        2. you need an adjusted carb-counting ratio
        3. you need an adjusted insulin-sensitivity factor
     I'd call your health care person, or whomever is following you on 
     the pump and ask to talk about if one of these things could be 
     affecting your sugars. I have been on my pump for three months and 
     I STILL have so much to learn. Don't let those highs get you down. 
     Someone else on this list said that nothing else is right until 
     your basals are - whomever that was, how right you are! - so I'd 
     get some medical help adjusting those right away. 
     Feel free to email me if you need support! 
     email @ redacted
     Take good care, Ginny.
     Siana, age 24
     Type 1 for 16 yrs
     pumping since 11/28

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