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Re: [IP] foot problems

What if you explained to your doctor that the pain can cause her blood suagrs
to go up and that foot care in anyt diabetic is very important and you NEED a
referral for your daughter's sake? Is this your primary care doctor or her
endo? If it is primary care doc can you go to endo instead?
Just some thoughts,

At 11:36 AM 1/26/99 , you wrote:
>My daughter Jessica has a planters wart on her heel.  The pediatrician has
>tried to freeze it so it would fall off 4 x already ,but he doesn't seem to
>want to treat it in any other way. Meanwhile this thing is extremely painful
>to walk on. We even bought corn pads so she could relieve some of the
>pressure. Help???? The pediatrician doesn't consider it important enough to
>warrant a referral to a specialist.  Any suggestions?????
>     Doreen
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