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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic seizures

> Celia McInnis wrote:
> >
> > Some questions for you Wayne (or any other physiologically knowledgeable person):
> >
> > 1. Couldn't the seizure result from the speed or acceleration of the bg drop in
> > the brain itself rather than just the instantaneous bg level in the brain?

THe brain shuts down the body so it can use the reserve on glucose. (
from our Endo)

> > 4. How much time might it take to have glucose diffuse from the blood stream into
> > the brain cells? What sorts of things might slow or speed up this rate?

It will take about 30 minutes for the Brain to recover. ( from our

Once a parent wrote me:  Her son lost his vision completely from a low
of 50 after she treated him for the low it took she tested in 20 minutes
and he was 120, but it took about 30 minutes for the sight to return.
> It's very fast. That's why brain and nerve cells can do what's needed, there's
> nothing to do besides get the sugar into the cells and use it.
> > 5. Might really rapid drops in blood bg level be the result of the brain sucking
> > up some much needed glucose?


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