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Re: [IP] Still High

> 2 1/2 days on MiniMed pump. Blood sugars have not been under 250 since. I
> changed the set up once and went to bent needle. Yesterday my BGs were 258
> when
> I got up- THis AM they were 253. The highest they go is 300. I don't know what
> is wrong..My eating hasn't changed.  The only thing I can think of is this
> falre I am in of MS and RA but even ith the 'D'" pump I could get my BGs under
> 200. I will open another bottle of insulin to see if that is what it is..I am
> very discouraged. I don't understand.

Don't get discouraged. You're not doing anything wrong. Your basal 
rates probably need to be adjusted. There is a good section in 
Pumping Insulin and several HOWTO's on the web site. With the help of 
your medical team, you can probably increase your existing basals by 
0.1u/hr -- a small change all day can make a huge difference in your 
bg's. Try this and wait a day to see how your doing. Then do it again 
after talking with the med team. You'll get it right, be patient.
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