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Re: Diab T-shirts, was....Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoi

Ok, I confess..... In a previous life, my wife and I owned a garment 
company for about 10 years. We did lots of things, printed T-shirts 
among them. We still have access to the resources for production 
including bulk T's, screen production, printing, etc.... If this 
turns out to be something other than just a few shirts, I can handle 
it if we can all agree on a graphic design. I think we should post 
a number of candidate designs on the web and see what the list 
membership says. If the designer (whomever that ends up being) would 
care to donate the design to Insulin Pumpers, any proceeds above cost 
will also help support operations of IP (which is a non-profit org 


> FIS wrote:
> > 
> > >OK, let's get a design going and I'll print the transfers.... <G>
> > >
> > >Ted Quick
> > >email @ redacted
> > 
> > My step dad can do some Screen printing if anyone wants some shirts or hats..
> OK, but I can use an inkjet to print a transfer that can be ironed on easily, 
> and use up to 16.7 million colors, including people's pictures if they wish.
> It's somewhat better than a single color printed per screen, and no minimum
> order
> either.
> I've also got some skill at graphics design, and my son can fill in what I don't
> know.
> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted
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email @ redacted
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