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Re: [IP] Still High

I will change the set up and insulin..I havbe already changed the basals UP by
.5 on all basals. I thought I would be going low by doing that.
I don't get it because I am checking every 4 hours and bolusing every 4 hours
and instead of going down but instead by 4 PM they are up to 300..2 hours
supper they are down to 250..I will get a new bottle of inuslin..(this will be
hard on our finacnes this way as I only get so mcuh insulin per month (3
bottles) on insuracne and we have to pay for it on our own so this cannot
go on
for long both for the $$ and for my health)
I will insert a new set up and I will give it this afternoon...If nothing
happens then I go back to my old pump..I don't feel goo with BGs this high.

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