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Re: [IP] Still High

We already changed the cartridge, the insulin, the area , and increased basal
My hubby was wondering if the MiniMed delivered the insulin at a slower
rate. I
know when I use the D pump the boluseses get in quite fast..
But mimimed seems to take forever.
I think this MiniMed may go back and I will get an upgrade to the new
Disetronic pump..this is tooo frustrating..I just do not understand.
Thank you for your ideas..I appreciate them!

At 10:34 AM 1/26/99 , you wrote:
>I recently went through a similar situation.  What I did thanks to the
>people on this list:
>1.  Get a new fresh bottle of insulin
>2.  New Cartridge
>3.  New Tubing
>4.  New everything in other words.
>I then moved my site from my stomach to my chest area.  So if you're using
>stomach you may want to move to your arm, upper stomach, etc..  If this
>work maybe you should go back to the old pump and see what happens.  They're
>be something wrong with the pump...  Also you may just want to give an
>and see if this brings you down.
>Are your rates still the same?
>Let us know.

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