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Re: [IP] Wondering moods


I have struggled with mood swings for most of my life.  I must admit though since
being on the pump they're a bit better.  I think some are diabetes related and
some are just me.  Some I've been able to pin to a drastic drop in BS.  Others I
can pin to if I am feeling overwhelmed, which takes less and less these days.

The doctors have tried me on nearly every med available and nothing worked for
me. Yet I've know others that meds work great.  I've also been in and our of
counseling and that has helped me through a lot.  At this stage of my life I use
it when I just can't cope or I really need to vent.  When I am at that point I
know I need support and actually this group has given me a great deal.  For
people here truly know what it's like living with diabetes.  Where as with
counselors sometimes they just don't get it.

I like what Linda said, basically try to find something that works for you.  I
have found taking a "time out" is good.  I figured if kids get to take them why
can't I? :-)  When I find myself panicking or get bitchy I test and test again a
bit later.  If the BS isn't the problem I take time out and breath and try to
calm myself down.

I know it's hard and I wish I had a magic wand for all of us that suffer from
this.  Another thing I do is give myself permission to feel sorry for me until a
certain time.  For example.  One Sunday recently I was being a real snot.
Everything was getting to me.  It wasn't BS.  It was about 2:00 and I finally
said, ok enough is enough.  You have until 3:00 to feel sorry for yourself and
then that's it.  I went and laid down.  At 3:00 I got up and moved ahead.  It's
not easy but sometimes you just have to force yourself.  Well I am rambling.
Sorry, I do hope some of this helps.

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