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Re: [IP] Need some info..


I used Ultralente and Humalog for many years.  I used the Ultralente as my
Basel rate and the Humalog for bolus.  At first I was on two shots of U a day.
In the morning and then at dinner time.  I then went to one shot a day, at
dinner.  The one shot a day worked best except for mornings.  I was doing great
on the program until they took the port Ultralente off of the market.  Humalin
Ultra has too many peaks and valleys with it.  Just my experiences, but it's
nice to see a progressive Doctor.  I am amazed at how few use the Ultralente
and Humalog.

Good Luck,

FIS wrote:

> Today my nursing Instructor approached me and asked if i could talk to one
> of her church members kids.. which just got Dx'ed a few days ago..
> He is on Ultralenta (if i spelled that right) and soon will be on humalog
> also. i was wondering if the one that are/where on it could give me some
> tips for him. and the so called limits that that combination has (i know it
> is a little more flexable than Regular NPH and R insulins)  thanx all..
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