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[IP] Re: Tufts Health Plan

     Hi Lois,
        Yes, I am the person who has Tufts and would be happy to give 
     you any info you need. My pump nurse told me I would need to call
     Tufts, because they contract with Boston Home Medical (in the 
     Boston area). Let me back up a minute, though:
        I received 3 months' worth of supplies from MiniMed with my 
     pump. If you also received supplies - don't use them all up! You 
     will need them for back-ups, infusion set snafus, and any delivery 
     problems once you do get your supplies coming to you.
        I called Tufts after I had used one months' worth of my initial 
     supplies. It took them almost 2 weeks to get back to me. I'd 
     suggest that you ask them to get back to you within 2-3 days, and 
     say that you know other Tufts pumpers who were told by Tufts to use 
     Boston Home Medical (if you are also in Boston), and that you 
     wanted to be sure the procedure is the same for you.
        Tufts will tell you to call Boston Home Medical to order your 
        I suggest calling BHM about 2 1/2 weeks before you need a new 
     set of supplies. This gives them enough time to order what you need 
     if it's not in stock and to deliver it to you. When you first call 
     BHM (or whatever supplier Tufts tells you to use), they'll want 
     your Tufts member number, and will want to know exactly what 
     supplies you need. They'll also ask you for delivery info. Be sure 
     to ask them when you can expect them to deliver.
     Good luck - hope this makes sense - I'm writing before my second 
     cup of coffee, so if anything's jumbled, email me at:
     email @ redacted
     Siana, age 24
     Type 1, 16 years
     pumping since 11/98

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