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[IP] Hi everyone

I was doing OK with diabetes control. But I felt uncomfortable with my
status quo and insulin reactions were giving me work problems. I knew
going on the pump would be a big adjustment. My control hasn't improved but
in a way I have been given a freedom.  The essay in "A Kids View of
Diabetes", described the pump freedom. I may not adjust as quickly as the
youth but I think growth is coming.

I had a dinner of wine and chicken. I did not bolus and my BG didn't go up.
But after when the alcohol digested the insulin need went up. Probably the
liver was shut down and then started releasing glucose. Well, alcohol is BAD
for the liver.

I have an acquaintance who has dry eyes. It is a serious problem and there
is nothing doctors can do for her. She doesn't have diabetes.

I'm very happy for Brian and his success in nursing school.

How about that depression. I had a doctor tell me I should get some
counseling so I'd be more cheerful and people would want to be around me
more. I just had a sense that the problem was not emotional. But now that my
lifestyle has more flexibility because of the pump I can grow along normal
lines. Maybe I never did have depression but  symptoms resulting from my
accommodation of diabetes.

Adjusting to the pump,

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