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Re: Diab T-shirts, was....Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoir

At 07:30 PM 1/25/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> >Perhaps we could form a partnership and open a company called, oh,
>> >like  Weird DM Accessories. I, for one, have always wanted to do a t-shirt
>> >that says, "Warning! I'm an estrogen-deficient diabetic and I've got a
>> >needle." Perhaps we could incorporate in Needles, AZ.
>> I'd rather use Pumphrey, MD as our headquarters. How about "Weird DM
>> Accessories by the Pumphouse Gang"? We could also do bumper stickers, like:
>> "Pumper on Board", "I Pump and I Vote...", "I live to Pump and vice versa"
>> and "To Pump or not to Pump, isn't even a question". They have Big Dogs
>> t-shirts... why can't we have Big Pumps t-shirts?
>OK, let's get a design going and I'll print the transfers.... <G>

Yes, but first we have to settle on the logo(s) and the design(s)... do we
have a graphic designer in the group??


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