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Re: [IP] low bg's

In a message dated 1/25/99 10:20:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi Karen,  I can just write ditto to your message.  I might be seeing a rep
 from minimed next week.  My main goal is to stop these highs and lows.   I am
 also on Humalog and Ultralente.  I feel like the pump is my last hope.
..........I'm nervous but going forward>>

My pre-pump situation was the same as yours---very wide swings of highs and
lows despite 4 injections daily of Humalog with 2 injections of Ultralente. 

I also felt my goal was to tighten my control, and I was very nervous about
going on the pump.  After all, I have 49 years experience with injections, and
while it hasn't all been rosy, I was comfortable with the knowledge of how I
felt under certain situations and covering with the shots.  Right now, I sort
of feel like a newly diagnosed diabetic because I don't know
insulin/carbohydrate ratios from basal rates and bolus, etc., and I'm not sure
how or when to make the necessary changes to stay in as good a state of health
as possible.  Time will make the difference, I know.  In the meantime, I have
only been on the pump for 12 days, and my BGs swings are already starting to
look more like a wavy line on a graph rather than all spikes.  I am feeling
more energetic, too.  If there hadn't been a death in the family last week, I
might have been at this point a little sooner.  Who knows.  Point is, I'm
feeling better than I have in a long-g-g time. And that's allright with me.
Good luck!  
Linda Winey  >^.,.^<
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