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Re: [IP] Soft set inserter and soft set

I also had the exact same trouble with the SoftSet QRs.  See if the company
will send you a regular SoftSet.  Even though the QRs have some good
feature, I just could not get a good safety loop with them.  I tend to knock
my pump off from time to time, and I have a phobia about not having a safety
loop.  Several of the people I know also dislike the QRs for this reason.
Personally, I hate the bent needles.  One time was enough for me.  Like I
said, try the regular SoftSets and I bet it will be love at first poke!
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From: Ginny Kloth <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Soft set inserter and soft set

>Well- I got it in!..and I don't think I like it. It stings..and now I have
>lump because of how it is made and there doesn't seem to be enough tubing
>make a loop without the quick release area being in the way.
>With the bent needle it was flat nothing sticking up. The "tape" that has
>hole in it that goes over the infusion set isn't very sticky..it is stiff.
>IS there another tape? I put a tegaderm over it but that doesn't seem to
>I'll give it a try but I think I will go back to the old bent needle set up
>this doesn;t work..I wonder if the silouette (sp) would work better??
>With the silouette does one use the soft serter?
>I went to use the soft serter once and it didn't do anything..neither did
>the second time..but then I pushed it a little harder and it went in and I
>didn;t feel it.  I do feel a little stinging sensation in the site now but
>again this is the first time I have used a teflon "needle" I hope I am not
>allergic to that?
>I am now on my new Mini-Med507C..I have my good ole Disteronic pump next to
>me..I hope the MiniMed works as good for me or even better . My doctor
>me to have the square wave and dual bolus option so that is why I am now
>the Mini-Med 507C. I got a blue one:)
>Thanks to those who replied to me..I really appreciate this list.
>Now I will be sure to monitor my blood sugars..I will check now and again
in 2
>hours..It will be a long nite..If this set up keeps stinging and itching I
>use a bent needle set up..Things will be ok..the inserter looks worse than
>is..it looks  like a giant finger pricker!
>Thanks again:)
>Ginny who has stopped being anxious so now ya'll can have a good laugh!
>email @ redacted
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