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Re: [IP] insurance problems

<< On the sites, I've had this problem for years and am always amazed by the
lack of  discomfort so many people seem to report.  I've never exactly solved
the "give it
 a rest problem" or the fact that the newer fresher sites either tend to slide
 around or crimp, but I do sometimes try the following.  I should caution that
 is risky and not professionally advised (Barb should probably jump in here
 tell us what a horrible suggestion this is), but the thing is, it helps. >>

OK..I'll jump in here...if it works for you and doesn't cause any
problems...go for it.  I would do the same if I had to make that decision.
<<When  you order the 3 month supplies, ask your doctor to base the order on
set changes  more often than you actually do, so if your sets last 3-4 days,
say that you
 change them every 48 hours.  Then you have some extra.  Start the process
again 6
 weeks before the next 3 month date and you will have enough stuff to make it
 8-10 weeks it so often seems to take. >> 
 Sounds like a good plan to me! Don't run out of supplies. Use the basic
guidelines as a guideline.  Keep in mind that reuse of syringes was supported
by home care nurses who researched what patients were actually doing and
discovered that using an insulin syringe more than once did not cause major
(or even minor) injection site infections. The same goes for patients who
reuse lancet devices, and for those who do not use alcohol to clean the skin
before finger sticks or injections.  We all learn from what you do on an
average daily basis. My own mother reused syringes for about a week, and
lancets for the same amount of time and never had a site or fingertip
infection. she did this on my suggestion to help save costs on her supplies.

Barbara B.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/