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Re: [IP] Re:female hormones

My Dr. (a SHE) actually asked me about how my blood sugars act around
menstruation, I was never going to mention it, just figured it was a quirk.
Anyway, my BGs go low about a week before, then shoot up the week of.  So,
with my Endo's help, I lower my basal rate at night the week before, or else
I am up eating every few hours.   Then, I bump back up to my normal rates
the week of, just making sure to check my BGs more often, so I can bolus and
keep on track as needed.
I also work at a hospital and keep long hours and an unhuman-like schedule.
The pump saved my life in this respect.  Without it, I could never work the
schedule I currently do.  Call and make an appt. with the good Endo, even if
it's not till June.  Until then, just keep trying.
As my own Endo says, I'm the one that lives with the pump, so I'm the one
that knows more about it.  I just have to be brave and not scared to try it
for myself.
Good luck to you.

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