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[IP] lows and lows

>This has happened to me a number of times... just the other day I tested at
>44. So I whipped out the glucose tabs (6 of them) and got a large handful
>or raisins. 30 minutes later I tested at 41... hmmm. So back to the glucose
>tabs and this time I reached into a handy box of chocolate-chip cookies...
>seemed like a good excuse to me. An hour later I was still at only 64.... a
>small glass of apple juice followed. At bed time, about 2 hours later I was
>still just at only 105. So far so good... anyone want to guess what I was
>at about 3am?? Close to 300 of course. Can't win for losing... bolused and
>was OK by the morning. (sigh)

You can't imagine how good it feels to read this story!  This has happened
to my son many times, and it always makes me feel like I must be crazy or
like I will be soon.  I'm glad to find out it's NORMAL.  For him it has
usually been associated with extra exercise, but the extra exercise doesn't
always produce this effect.

Carol mother of Michael age 7 and pumping

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