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Re: [IP] Dry Mouth

Stacey Phillips wrote:
> I am sorry but I forget who asked about having a dry mouth alot. Well,
> I have a very dry mouth all the time. There are times that I am so dry
> that I will test my sugars because I feel like I may be having a high
> bg but usually my sugars are pretty much "normal"(6.8 mmol/L). I can't
> figure it out.

There is an auto-immune condition called Sjogren's Syndrome where the
body attacks the salivary and tear glands. If you have one auto-immune
disease (Type 1 DM) you are also more susceptible than the general
population to others. 

The symptoms of Sjogren's are (obviously) dry mouth and dry eyes. The
dry-eye part gets painful, and can even result in corneal ulcers. The
dry-mouth part results in increased tooth-decay. 

If you think this is a possibility, ask your doc about it. 

But also consider other possibilities like other meds (e.g.
antihistamines), water-retention from excess salt usage, and unconscious

Good luck!


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