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Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoir

I change my sets when I need to which ends up being somewhere between twice a day
to once in 8.  I try to avoid the twice a day and once a week/8 days as much as
possible (probably hit each one about once in 6 months).   Generally go 4-6 days,
but if I use only humalog they don't last as long.   If I change them too
regularly (every 3 days or so), I run out of tenable sites in about 5 or 6 months
and then spend most of my time redoing sore and bad sets.  If I don't change them
often enough, I run into poor absorption (usually starts somewhere around the 7-8
day mark) and sometimes forget and run out of insulin.   I try to leave the good
ones in for reasonable lengths of time and to get anything that is irritated or
hurts our as quickly as possible.

There is no actual magic number.  They are all estimates.  Play with it and
figure out what works for you.  If your bgs start to rise each time on the 3rd or
4th or 5th day, you may need to change them sooner.  Watch out for infections.
Don't keep it in if it looks sore no matter when you last changed (even if was an
hour before).  Leaving in good sites when they are comfortable a little longer is
generally fine.  Many people have trouble leaving pure humalog is for the same
length of time as velosulin or the mix.

email @ redacted wrote:

> The "party line" from the MiniMed rep and the endo seemed to be to leave the
> set in no more than 2-3 days before changing it.  I was told that this is the
> CDC criteria for an indwelling catheter.  Do many people leave the set in for
> 4 days without problems?
> Phyllis
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