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Re: [IP] insurance problems

Hi Doreen!

On the sites, I've had this problem for years and am always amazed by the lack of
discomfort so many people seem to report.  I've never exactly solved the "give it
a rest problem" or the fact that the newer fresher sites either tend to slide
around or crimp, but I do sometimes try the following.  I should caution that this
is risky and not professionally advised (Barb should probably jump in here and
tell us what a horrible suggestion this is), but the thing is, it helps.  By
mixing velosulin and humalog, I can get my sites to last much longer.  I find a
really good, sure spot, 2 or 3 weeks in a row and leave it in as long as
possible.  I can often get 7 days out of a site so that at the end of 3 weeks, the
rest of my tummy is getting a little less sore and tender.  Of course, at the
first sign or soreness, irritation, redness, anything, I give up and change
sites.  You shouldn't keep it in just to keep it in.  But if you can find a good
site and it is not irritated, the extra time can buy me several months of
decreased discomfort.  I usually find that site infections happen in the first few
days anyway.  If I get a good place, they are fine, if I don't, it is red and sore
often within hours and usually in the first few days.  I would not recommend this
on any kind of regular basis but for that once a year, can't stand the soreness
anymore, it does really help.

    On the insurance, I've had this problem repeatedly.  What company?  Most
companies have a 3 month supply policy that can be put into place for special
need.  You need to get on their special needs list (the down side of this is that
you will guaratee your kids will never be able to obtain individual medical
insurance, but there is a good chance they will have that problem anyway).   When
you order the 3 month supplies, ask your doctor to base the order on set changes
more often than you actually do, so if your sets last 3-4 days, say that you
change them every 48 hours.  Then you have some extra.  Start the process again 6
weeks before the next 3 month date and you will have enough stuff to make it the
8-10 weeks it so often seems to take.  I found that when I finally got desparate
and made clear this was a life and death situation and that I was prepared to call
a lawyer if they did not respond in a timely fashion, I got results.  Of course,
it took a huge amount of courage to be brave enough to do that.

Hang in there! Sounds like you are doing great :-)

email @ redacted wrote:

> Now that I have both of my kids on pumps and I am pretty much drained of my
> sanity,the kids insurance company has decided that prior approval for pump
> supplies must be done each and every month that they are needed. Prior
> approval from these people has taken anywhere from 6 weeks [minimum] to 8
> months.I currently have enough tender sets to last about 4 weeks on our
> current schedule. I read the info on the web page about how long people wear
> them,but I would like to know if anyone has tried just changing the  insertion
> set say every 4 days and only changing tubing and cartridge once a week?
> Also Joes site got changed to below his ribs because of doing MDI's in his
> abdomen forever .I know this sounds strange but the set seems to be sliding
> down and out.The adhesive is still holding on but the catheter seems to be
> working itself out from under his skin.Is this possible? insulin absorption is
> definitely better there.
> OK people let me know-----O yea of great wisdom                    Doreen-
> exhausted mom of 2 new pumpers
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