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Re: [IP] setting basals for kids

Betsy wrote:

>Stephanie pumps humalog, and her body processes it rather quickly (it truly
>does peak 1-1.5 hours for her, and is gone at 2.5 hours). We used the
>methodology described in Pumping Insulin, but broke the fasting periods into
>smaller, shorter time periods. For example, rather than an early dinner and
>then fasting through the night, she would have an early dinner (4pm), and
>we'd begin testing around 7 or 7:30pm. She'd not eat anything til about 10
>pm, then have a snack (with bolus) and go to bed. It took longer to get her


One of the real "benefits" of Humalog is how it lets you work on getting
those basal settings established. I don't pump Humalog (allergy), but I do
use it via pen, for "special moments", when dropping the BG is more
important than worrying about the allergy  / side effect stuff.

On days when I'm testing basals, I eat my meal earlier than usual, using
Humalog for the bolus. The only thing I'm interested in at this stage is
eating, getting my BG into the target zone for testing my basals, then
starting the test.

This lets me maintain the calories, etc. without getting ravenously hungry
during the test. As you noted, you might need to break the testing up into
smaller "chunks", but this works well. Going too long without food places
other demands on your body, which isn't fair when you're testing basal
rates. I imagine skipping meals is even tougher for young folks.

Bob Burnett

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