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Re: [IP] insurance problems

email @ redacted wrote:
> Now that I have both of my kids on pumps and I am pretty much drained of my
> sanity,the kids insurance company has decided that prior approval for pump
> supplies must be done each and every month that they are needed. Prior
> approval from these people has taken anywhere from 6 weeks [minimum] to 8
> months.

Sounds like time to appeal it. Just tell them you'd hate to have to sue them
forharming your kids, and will GLADLY tell the local newspapers, TV stations
etc ALL about it!

I currently have enough tender sets to last about 4 weeks on our
> current schedule. 

I know this sounds strange but the set seems to be sliding
> down and out.The adhesive is still holding on but the catheter seems to be
> working itself out from under his skin.Is this possible? insulin absorption is
> definitely better there.

OK, I've had that experience with SofSets (back when I used them) but can't say
seen Tenders doing so. Just to be sure, are you saying the canula is working
out of the site under the tape? I guess it's possible if he moves a certain way
flexes his skin crosswise under the tape. (Gee that was clear as mud!) You may
want to
consider trying to change direction of the canula in that area, such as straight
instead of across, or vice versa.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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