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[IP] Dry Mouth

I am sorry but I forget who asked about having a dry mouth alot. Well,
I have a very dry mouth all the time. There are times that I am so dry
that I will test my sugars because I feel like I may be having a high
bg but usually my sugars are pretty much "normal"(6.8 mmol/L). I can't
figure it out. I don't eat alot of spicy or high salt foods. I am glad
to hear that someone else is having the same symptom. I am thirsty
alot but my sugars are fine. Beats me - I am confused too. I was
taking prozac for my mood swings at period time but I stopped taking
them for awhile because I thought that my thirst was being caused from
the medication. It did not solve my problem. I was just as thirsty off
of the prozac as I am on it. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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