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Re: [IP] setting basals for kids


My daughter is 5, and we also had trouble with the fasting times.  Here
are a few things we did to make the time more bearable.  First, we
tested the mighttime basals on a weeknight when she had to go to bed
early anyway.  She ate around 4:30 then had jello before she went to bed
(no carbs).  I tested her through the night, then we did it all again
two days later.  For the morning testing, I kept her up really late the
night before and let her sleep in.  I got up early and tested her while
she was sleeping.  Then when she awakened, we filled the time playing
games.  And we set a timer.  Every hour I gave her 1/2 C sugar-free
jello.  I also told her ahead of time that she could plan the menu for
lunch.  She pigged out!!!  Hope some of these ideas help.

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