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[IP] Any Tufts Health Plan members?

I seem to remember someone in the Boston area mentioning that their insurance
was with Tufts Health Plan.  I have recently started on my pump and it was
suggested to me at the doctor's office to investigate how to order supplies
now so that there would be no delays when I needed them.  Boy, was she right!
I have called Tufts several times and they have been very helpful giving me
names of suppliers (they do not allow you to order directly from Disetronic).
However, I have called 6 suppliers and they do not carry supplies for insulin
pumps.  Another one said they would call Disetronic and have the order shipped
to me--however, they want to double the charges for each item!  Any Tufts
members out there?  Where do you get your supplies?  How long does it take?
What is the procedure?  Thanks for any information you can give me.
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