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[IP] RE; Preps . . . .

> This, however, has progressed to moderate itching- I have tried to let
> it be, to allow the allergic reaction to diminish. I did scratch some
> initially, and the area bears some indication of scratch marks. I cannot
> know if the problem is really just the baby oil (though that was two
> weeks ago) or maybe a combination of the oil and the prep pads....I
> didn't use the oil and the pads on the same day.

The best advice I was ever given was simply to take a bath before changing a
set. That is all! No preps, no alcohol, just clean skin. I have been pumping
two years as of 1/6/99 and only one small infection and that was due to a
seatbelt irritation. As a matter of fact I no longer use alcohol before any
of the few injections I now take. . . . .  I get 6 days from all my sets
with no problems.

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