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[IP] low bg's

Karen, one of the nice things about being on the pump is that it simplifies
the insulin delivery and insulin action.   I suspect that most of your
problems arise from the variable and delayed action of that damn
ultralente.  You won't have that with the pump.  Once you set your basals
properly, you just need to bolus for meals.  Yes you can figure that wrong
and sometimes some weird things happen at the infusion site, but you will
know about it relatively quickly, not a day or more later ( as can happen
with UL).  Another bonus is that you won't have to worry about whether you
can trust your doc and staff's judgement.  You will soon develop confidence
in trusting your own judgement above all.   And that's the way it should be!

<<<<<<<Thanks for the info.  Do you know what concerns me about the pump.
Right now
I'm on Ultralente & Humalog and my doctor can not stop this yo yo (hi/low).
How can I trust this mans judgement or the staff to do any better with the
pump.  I'm going to the Joslin Center for Diabetics.  I thought I couldn't do
better than that.
I will go on the pump as soon as the insurance company stops dragging their
feet :).


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