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>Can anyone help with this problem? I had surgery on Jan. 15th,1999 to
correct a deviated septum and inferior turbinate hypertrophy in my nose.  My
first question is how much carbohydrate per hour is in that d-5 with
lactated ringers? My R.N. C.D.E. and I were hoping to have that changed to
just lactated ringers after I was out of surgery, but I threw up all day
that day and so they couldn't switch it over. I had trouble keeping my blood
sugars down because I didn't know how much to bolus for that sugar water
going in, and I did not want to have a reaction. They were not watching me
close enough to risk that . Later in the day I finally did a conservative
temporary basal increase along with bolusing for highs and that helped

Also, after I got home I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic they
sent me home on, and couldn't eat for a few days and I gradually became
mildly (boy if that was mild I never want to feel that way
again!)ketoacidotic. I called my nurse educator again and she had me turn up
my basal .1 every hour from 6am until 10pm.  That slowly got me out of it
and my ketone strip tests turned neg. again.  What I am wondering is when
can I turn the basals back down? I turned them up on Friday the 22nd. I am
still high later in the morning and also later in the evening, like at noon
and 9pm. I would love any advice at all.  Thanks. Oh- I've been type 1 for
10 years and have a Disetronic H-tron V100 plus.

Judy Goetsch(email @ redacted)I use my husband's e-mail address.

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