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Re: [IP] setting basals for kids

My daughter, Stephanie, began pumping last March at age 8.5. She was leary
of only one thing when we discussed whether or not to try pumping, and it
wasn't the infusion sets...it was the fasting periods to set basals. Here's
what we tried, with good success.

Stephanie pumps humalog, and her body processes it rather quickly (it truly
does peak 1-1.5 hours for her, and is gone at 2.5 hours). We used the
methodology described in Pumping Insulin, but broke the fasting periods into
smaller, shorter time periods. For example, rather than an early dinner and
then fasting through the night, she would have an early dinner (4pm), and
we'd begin testing around 7 or 7:30pm. She'd not eat anything til about 10
pm, then have a snack (with bolus) and go to bed. It took longer to get her
basals set than it probably did for many folks, because there were so many
small segments of time to test for, but it worked really well for us. I
don't suppose this would work if you pump regular or have a slower
processing time for humalog, though.

Good Luck,
Betsy Sale, mom of Stephanie, a 9 yo pumper

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