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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic seizures

Karen, Janet, one thing we often tend to forget is that the BG readings on
our meters don't necessarily provide an accurate instantaneous measure of
what is in our brain cells.  There is a lag due to diffusion of glucose to
the cells.  I don't think you can have real seizure if the BG in the brain
cells is 75 (and Janet you don't have to go down all the way to zero to get
them either).   So if you do have a real seizure and your capillary blood
is really 75, that means that the brain BG is much lower, and the seizure
will likely correct itself.  This lag between what's in the brain and
what's in the blood may also partially explain why the rate at which the
glucose changes affects our hypo symptoms.

<<<<<<<<This is Karen  again.  SEIZURES at bg 75.  I never knew that???? Oh
my!  I
never knew a person could get seizures with a low bg.  Hey Ted, Sam or LR, or
anyone else that knows....... what happens if you go beyond low.  What exactly
happens to your body or your brain.  Tell me about the worst senario.>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<From: "M. Kerfoot/J.Riganti" <email @ redacted>
Seizures, you bet.  My understanding has been that when BG's approach 0,
seizures occur.  The brain and nervous system *must* have glucose to
survive; there is not substitute.  And that is why some people have
other neurological symptoms when they have low BG's, such as loss of
coordination, slurred speech, confusion, etc.
I have had far too many seizures and hypo incidents that I care to
expound on.  Being hypo is dangerous, and one can die from a seizure.
Janet R.>>>>>>>>>

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