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[IP] Needle change times

     OK a note from the distant past...
     I remember back in the early days of teflon catheters (we used teflon 
     IVs with luer lock to connect to the luer lock of the pump and taped 
     the whole thing down and prayed) I tried for >> 2 days.
     It resulted in: one extraordinarily UGLY wound (Dr was sure it was 
     infected so he had nurse spray my abdomin with some sort of instant 
     freeze spray and he cut it open to check if it was infected: I'm not 
     sure what he would have done if it HAD been but KEEPING IT FROM 
     GETTING INFECTED until it healed WAS NOT FUN.
     In between then (17 years ago) and now (4:12 AM in NYC on  25 January) 
     I have tried a few times to extend service time to >> 2 days.
     To put it in the easiest way possible: I've installed the 'no more 
     than half full' plastic thing in my 506, 507 and 507C and may change 
     the site BEFORE empty due to site problems!!!
     REMEMBER: YMMV (your milage may vary)
     We is all here because we couldn't make it work elsewise: remember 
     that!  If everything worked the way G-d originally created it to then 
     we wouldn't need all this electronic stuff hooked up.
     By the way: any of the long termers (I noted five or six of us in the 
     15++ years pumping list) have pictures, books, pumps or otherwise they 
     are willing to let me borrow, photograph or otherwise get a hold of 
     for a very short period of time (a photo with ruler on each side is a 
     minimum for what I'd like to do, but I really really want to get as 
     many of the old things as possible in ONE HUGE picture to put up...)
     thanx for help

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