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Re: [IP] motivation

email @ redacted wrote:

> I have a different motivation problem. I test frequently, but have trouble
> keeping a log.  sometimes it feels like there is just too much information to
> put down so it makes sense or is useful.  Any ideas?
> Phyllis

I understand your problem, and maybe can help. I too hate it when somebody wants
me to fit my particulars into some stupid form which never leaves me space to log
what I think is important. I also dislike all of the logging programs which I
have thus far seen on the market - and I find the idea of letting someone's lack
of programming skill or energy limit how I can live (or at least report on) my
life unacceptable.  I mean don't we have enough restrictions on or lives?

Like yourself, logging is only valuable if  I can easily log whatever I think is
relevant and then display this erratic information in some intelligible form, I
wrote a program which I like. I type my information into a terse free-form (but
syntactically clear) text file. My program analyzes the log entries to figure out
what I'm telling it about my basal rates, boluses, bg levels, carbohydrate
consumption, exercise amounts, and other things (comments), and outputs the
information into an html file and a text summary file. In order to make the html
file easy to read, my program lines like information vertically and assigns
different colours to different sorts of values - red for bg levels, blue for
insulin amounts, green for exercise, and orange for carbohydrate.

I'll stick a sample file on  http://members.xoom.com/celiam/bg/jan1998.html as
soon as I can get ftp working on this machine again (I hope that the standard
MS-reboot does the trick...), together with the summary file:
http://members.xoom.com/celiam/bg/jan1998.sum  and the corresponding input log
file:  http://members.xoom.com/celiam/bg/jan1998.bg (I'll give you a idea about
the syntax of the input log file below).

Have a look if you like (sorry the numbers are kind of off these days -  winter
has never been one of my better times of year...). If you like the format and
flexibility, you should download perl (free) onto your computer from
http://www.perl.org and then I could give you my program. The program (written in
the wee hours of the nights/mornings) is not as sturdy as it should be - but at
least it is flexible... Maybe I should make it really robust and stick it on the
insulin-pumpers site...

The log input file:
Basically, my input log looks something like the following (just a text file):

04:00-05:00 [.6]
Sun Dec 13
08:00 5.0 (6) 80g
09:00 b3 Cold and windy - snowing. These comments can be as long as desired.
12:00 2.5 100g  r10
13:00 5.0 (8) 120g
19:00 b7
19:30 3.2 felt hungry.
19:30-20:30 [.4]
21:00 m2:00
02:31 15.9 (2)
Mon Dec 14

and so on. You can probably guess what most of the stuff above is indicating -
square bracketed numbers indicate basal settings, round bracketed numbers are
bolus amounts, a number with a "g" appended is a carbohydrate amount in grams,
letters appended with a number or a time indicate a type and amount of  exercise,
numbers following a time are bg values, etc.


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