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Re: [IP] Motivation and new discoveries with adult ste

At 08:55 PM 1/24/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Julie -
>And I do believe that the cure is coming soon.....Did y'all see the article
>that claims that researchers have discovered that the stem cells of an
>adult person can be programed to replace the cells of a different type!
>(They converted brain cellls into blood cells!) The researchers were quoted
>as saying. "We think you can use skin stem cell to make other cells"  So
>skin stem cells might be harvested from a patient and inserted into the
>pancreas of the same patient to make beta cells!  (Nat'l Neuro inst. in
>Milan, Italy)  Let us hope/pray that it is true!
>Diane Massey

I do hope this is true  but for some of us we must also hope for them to
figure out how to stop our immune system from attacking Islet cells...
which caused some of our diabetes..

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