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RE: [IP] Israelis on the pump?

I was referring to Israelis on the pump (pumpers from Israel)


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From: Kornfeld, Avner [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Monday, January 25, 1999 9:02 AM
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Subject: [IP] Israelies on the pump?


To continue the thread of Canadians on the pump I would like to know if
there are Israelis on the pump.

My motivation is to find out what are the medical insurance issues ('Kupat
Holim Klalit' vs 'Leumit', 'Macabi' - these are the main medical insurance
companies in Israel, the system here is not similar to HMOs in the US). 

I started pump therapy 6 weeks ago. Have to fight my medical insurance
company ('Leumit') on how much they will cover pump cost and supplies. So
far I do not have any written letter from them. I spend lots of energy on
that. Started the process from December 9th 1998. They let each individual
to have his own 'pump campaign' and end up with some insurer coverage. I
asked them to decide on a uniform and written coverage terms for those who
need the pump (of coarse I have all the medical reasoning for the pump from
two endos as an immediate need and lifesaver).

So, Israelis who are willing to share their experience are welcome.

Avner Kornfeld - 	IDDM since 1974
			on the pump since Dec. 14, 1998 and like it (it

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From: David Zakary [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Monday, January 25, 1999 1:32 AM
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Subject: [IP] Canadians on the pump

Here's another pumping Canadian. I've been away from the list for a bit 
lately. Not only am I a pumper but I'm also a guinea pig for my endo.

I'm now participating in another test program for/with my Dr. with insulin
that is absorbed thru the mouth and taken thru what looks like an asthma
inhaler. The insulin in absorbed thru the mouth tissue - not inhaled into
the lungs. I've only been to one test day so far (next one is next week).
It's kind of interesting but has problems as well.

I've also got a new email address for those of you that have been in touch
privately (see below).

Dave Zakary
If an idle mind is the Devil's workshop - I must be the Devil's Home Depot
right about now.
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David Zakary
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