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Re: [IP] low bg's

email @ redacted wrote:
> Thanks for the info.  Do you know what concerns me about the pump.  Right now
> I'm on Ultralente & Humalog and my doctor can not stop this yo yo (hi/low).
> How can I trust this mans judgement or the staff to do any better with the
> pump.  I'm going to the Joslin Center for Diabetics.  I thought I couldn't do
> better than that.

It isn't really so simple to control bg 24 hours a day on shots. The U has it's
activity schedule, the Humalog has it's own, and each meal has a different
depending on exactly what was eaten and when, and external factors, such as
or anxiety. Very complex, and not something that can be easily prescribed for.
variations in ANY factor can and will drive your bg all over the place.

That's what's so good about the pump: it operates in real-time and can follow
variations your life brings about, given a certain amount of understanding on
part, with proper training and start-up by the medical staff. Believe me, after 
fiddling with every combination of insulins known to mankind between 1956 an
then again between '75 and '93, I KNOW how hard it can be to control the yo/yo
Roller-Coaster), especially since my work routine can change at any time in
almost any
way, and a morning shot of insulin(s) CAN'T be set for it on any day.

My results were a LOT better when I started with my pump, and "I" trained the
endo to 
"train" ME. It's really in your hands on a pump, the doc can only check trends
patterns to steer you generally right before you learn to fine-tune it yourself.
Gee, come to think of it that's all I ever expected my endo to do anyway.....
> I will go on the pump as soon as the insurance company stops dragging their
> feet :).

Yes, I understand. Insurance companies seem to be the unhealthiest things for

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/