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Re: [IP] Allergic reaction on my tummy-tum

Katherine Esposito wrote:
 My NP
> said I should swab my entire tummy to cut down on bugs.

Why? Disinfectants are largely ineffective.

> This, however, has progressed to moderate itching- I have tried to let
> it be, to allow the allergic reaction to diminish. I did scratch some
> initially, and the area bears some indication of scratch marks. I cannot
> know if the problem is really just the baby oil (though that was two
> weeks ago) or maybe a combination of the oil and the prep pads....I
> didn't use the oil and the pads on the same day.

Itching is usually caused by the so-called disinfectants. They dry out 
the skin when they evaporate. Not sure what the baby oil had to do with
> Has anyone else developed reactions to disinfectants, esp. the IV prep
> pads? 

No, but I gave up on them totally over 10 years ago. They don't do what's 
claimed, which has been proven. The only thing rubbing alcohol is good for
is loosening up dirt and grime so that skin can be cleaned more easily
without need for rinsing. I do fine as long as I have a daily shower, which
washes off most of the germs, and the insulin contains a strong disinfectant 
that takes care of anything that gets below skin level.

My doc likes them 'cuz they're sticky after they dry. Also, if I
> end up never using them again, what's the best alternative? Do you need
> to use sterile gauze with Hibiclens? 

Don't bother, it only causes trouble and doesn't help anything except the
manufacturer's bank balance.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, scar tissue from isopropyl first 30 years......
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