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[IP] Allergic reaction on my tummy-tum

Here's the scoop, wondering if anyone has a clue:

I started pumping in early December, and I was given those IV prep pads
(they contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and Triclosan) to disinfect. My NP
said I should swab my entire tummy to cut down on bugs. All went well
until I (two weeks ago or more) stupidly patted some baby oil on my
tummy after a shower, as I sometimes do to arms and legs (all ten) in
cold weather. BUt I immediately regretted doing that, as I had once had
a mild reaction on (ummm, excuse me) my chest when I'd used baby oil.
However, I'd never developed any itching from doing that.

This, however, has progressed to moderate itching- I have tried to let
it be, to allow the allergic reaction to diminish. I did scratch some
initially, and the area bears some indication of scratch marks. I cannot
know if the problem is really just the baby oil (though that was two
weeks ago) or maybe a combination of the oil and the prep pads....I
didn't use the oil and the pads on the same day. 

Well, when I changed my set two days ago, I decided against using the
prep pads in favor of a sterile alcohol wipe, for lack of knowing what
else to do. Tonight it seems the reaction is lightening a bit....And I
bought some Hibiclens, because I was concerned that regular alcohol
wipes might not be sufficient. 

Has anyone else developed reactions to disinfectants, esp. the IV prep
pads? My doc likes them 'cuz they're sticky after they dry. Also, if I
end up never using them again, what's the best alternative? Do you need
to use sterile gauze with Hibiclens? mine came in a bottle. (An $8.50
 Kathy dx age 32, "gestational" diabetes
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/