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Re: [IP]High BGs on pump


I have immunie system problems as well and a chronic pain problem. I am not
sure if it is arthrits, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome,
etc., or some of all of the above.  if prenisone helps your flare-ups, and
there is no lesser evil of an alternative, you should take it.  Prenidsone
will raise your blood sugars, but you can compensate with the basal dose and
experiment with it. Predinisone can even make a non diabetic person become

Fighting the pain alone causes great fatigue and depression. I know from
experience.  And it is a catch 22 -  pain exacerbates high blood sugars, and
high blood sugars make pain worse, and round and round you go.    Hope you are
feeling better.

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