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Re: [IP] Burning At Insertion Site

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have just put in my 3 rd Soft Set.  The first 2 I had no problem expect for
> the second set when it was about 8 hours from being changed and it started to
> itch.  L left it alone till time to change.  

Did you find the skin under the tape looked red and irritated? Some tapes do
to some people, though putting the tape on while stretching it across, so it 
pulls the skin in, may make it worse.

My first bolus with this 3 rd set
> burned when the insulin was going in.  It isn't burning as at first.  My
> question is this.  Is this normal sometimes and should I change the infusion
> set?  I am fine I am just curious.

Inital irritation is fairly normal,basically depends on exactly what the tip
ended up

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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