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Re: [IP] Burning At Insertion Site

At 10:54 AM 1/24/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I have just put in my 3 rd Soft Set.  The first 2 I had no problem expect for
>the second set when it was about 8 hours from being changed and it started to
>itch.  L left it alone till time to change.  My first bolus with this 3 rd set
>burned when the insulin was going in.  It isn't burning as at first.  My
>question is this.  Is this normal sometimes and should I change the infusion
>set?  I am fine I am just curious.

I know that with the Silhouettes, it means that it's probably too close to
the muscle layer. I've never used the SoftSet, so I don't know if you have
any depth options or not.

>I have been on the MM 507c since last Tuesday, January 19.
>I really like it my BS readings have been good.  When do I lose my status as a
>Virgin Pumper! (VBG)

As the standard definition implies, you lose this status the first time you
do it! <vbg> (However, you don't gain experienced status until after at
least 6 months... it takes at least a year to be considered a veteran).


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